What we do

Bridge a better outlook on accessing the financial inclusion

Our noble commitment in the landscape of the financial services is that our purpose should serve our mission

Provide empowerment
Ensures financial continuity
Access to financial inclusion
How it works

It's easy. It's convenient. It's Spare

We provide a meaningful value of sparing loose change. Our app will bridge the gap and bring clarity to the complex tenets of the financial services and will boldly provide an access that arms the understanding of our users with having the ability of financial savings through spare change.

1— Saved Spare Credits

Every amount you chose to Spare will be saved in the app

2— Unique Identification

Each account is uniquely identifiable through your own unique bar code for security and other transactions such as in-person payment via scanning

3— Partner Merchants

All verified partner merchants will be listed in the app as well as have the chance to be part of the featued list

4— Scan to pay and receive

You can generate a scannable QR code to perform transactions such as choosing to Spare your loose change or simply using your Spare credits to pay

5— Navigate Seamlessly

  • Check partner stores or merchants
  • View transaction history
  • Scan to pay or receive credits
  • Check nearby available partner stores and merchants

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Who we are

We will help you make every spare change meaningful and pave the way to help you through your journey to financial literacy.

By the year 2025, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas expects that we will be transacting without any coins. It’s time to familiarize yourself with coinless transactions and we will help you achieve that through Spare. With Spare, you will realize that every peso counts and that even the smallest value can help you with your savings.

Brothers in arms, no one gets left behind

In order to make sense on the premise of bridging to the users the meaningful value of their spare change, Spare gives them a means to be culturally involve in the financial inclusion.

A beacon of financial empowerment

Spare offers a sense of becoming part of the financial sector through handling their spare change intuitively. This means the platform arms them on driving down the divide and mentality that having a low source of saving does not mean they are not qualified to secure their financial stability.

Light through the long night

Through taking advantage of the technology Spare offers. We become the light that will guide them on improving their savings at an increasing level. Emerge them on the convenience that allows them to earn savings in every transaction they make. The platform will serve its purpose of immersing them in the benefits of microsavings in the digital concept inclusive finance.

Higher savings, lower usage of coins — digitally secured and trustworthy innovative environment


We are a platform for savings

Where do I get Spare?

Just download it through the App store or the Play store.

Do I need a Government ID to make a Spare Account?

Not at all! You just need to create an account with us and you are good to go! That’s the beauty with Spare, we provide you the means to start saving without the hassle of providing us with different requirements. With us, you can have a platform for saving immediately.

Can I Pay Through Spare?

You definitely can. Doing cashless transactions is the future of the Philippines and we will help you familiarize yourself on how to do it! Simply choose the partner merchant you will be paying from the system and key in the amount. From there, you will get a one-time password so you can verify the transaction.

It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s convenient.

How Can I Cash In?

When you need to put funds in your Spare account, just go to one of our partner merchants and they will be more than happy to assist you!

Why Should I Use Spare?

Spare change can sometimes get misplaced. Others even feel like spare change doesn’t have any value at all. However, with Spare, you will know the value of every coin you have. When it gets accumulated in a safe and convenient application, you will appreciate its value.